Donkey walking in touraine loire valley

Randonnée pédestre en famille sur le GR46 en Touraine Val de Loire, avec un âne comme compagnon de voyage.
Discover the delights of a walk with your children with a pack donkey in the Loches national forest in Touraine Loire Valley.


Sample the pure pleasure to be had from a gentle walk, eyes closed with one of these docile yet strong companions! Pack donkey walking – so-called because a pack saddle is placed on the donkey’s back – is suitable for young children as well as teenagers and their parents. Little ones, up to 40 kg (≈6 stone), can hitch a ride on the donkey while the older ones lead them.

If you think that donkeys walk too slowly, think again! Once they get going, donkeys lengthen their stride and walk around 4 to 5 km/h.

Balade en famille sur les chemins forestiers du Lochois
Donkey rides from the age of two in Touraine Loire Valley

Who’s the boss?

It has to be said that the grass bordering the pathways is very tempting for the donkeys who, if given the chance, will try and make frequent stops. So make sure they know who’s boss right from the off! 


The forest is abundant in southern Touraine. The Loches forest trails are ideal for donkey walks with family or friends. More experienced hikers may like to follow the Indre by Bike route or the GR 46, and set off for a few days trekking alongside the river Indre, to discover the Fortress of the Black Falcon in Montbazon, the Balzac museum in Saché and the magnificent chateau of Azay-le-Rideau. 


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Reading before walking > la charte du randonneur 

Cet été c'est décidé je pars randonner avec un âne et mes parents en Touraine Val de Loire !
Rien ne vaut un petit câlin pour faire une balade de qualité avec notre princesse Sofia en forêt de Loches !