Randonnée pédestre en famille ou entre amis avec un âne en Touraine Val de Loire, accessible aux plus jeunes.
Donkey walk for beginners to the Pyramide de Saint Quentin, Forest of Loches in Touraine Loire Valley France

1st stage: Setting off.

Leaving our friends behind is never easy. While crossing the D25 towards La Monnerie, the donkeys say farewell to each other for one last time before joining the GR46. Your children can now mount the donkeys. Leaving La Monnerie, turn right towards the Loches forest. Your legs will soon let you know that you are climbing upwards. On this first stage, it’s important not to let the donkeys graze otherwise our long-eared friends will be taking breaks throughout the whole walk.


 2nd stage: Soaking up the forest.

At the petrol station, take the "François de Paule" trail opposite on the right. In the distance you can see the Saint Quentin pyramid. Here, the donkeys will be less tempted to snack. Or a little less tempted. Listen out for the birds, deer and wild boar who inhabit this wood. The donkeys will help you spot the animals. Just watch their ears and notice how they stop to look ahead. Follow their example.

balade en famille dans une forêt de chênes avec des ânes en Touraine Val de Loire

3rd stage: Aiming for the Pyramid of Saint Quentin.

A total of 4 pyramids such as this one are dotted around the Loches forest. They were built as meeting points for huntsmen in the forest. This is a good place to take a break and a souvenir photo. ;-)

When you’re ready, set off along the forest path to your right.


4th stage: Plunging back into the forest.

The pathway is narrower here. Try to avoid the puddles which your four-legged companions will nimbly dodge and also be careful that any low-hanging branches don’t knock your little cherubs out of their pack saddle.

At the end of the path, a green arrow on a tree trunk indicates a right turn alongside a small forest ditch. When the path invites you to continue right towards the forest, don’t follow it but stay on the edge of the forest, carrying straight on like Indiana Jones! At the end you’ll come out of the forest and turn left. You will see a tree standing on its own on your right. Be careful here as the grass is very tempting but there are also crops which our donkeys mustn’t eat!

Randonnée pédestre avec des ânes porteurs, balade en itinérance, GR46
A little walk in the countryside in Touraine Val de Loire, with your family and donkeys on the GR46 road

5th stage: Heading down to Petit Luain.

The path slopes down gently towards the next hamlet of "Le Petit Luain". When you get to the copse on your left, if you find the slope a little steep, get the children down from the saddle. Watch out for cars and dogs as you pass through the hamlet.


6th stage: Ambling on towards Les Moreaux-La Nouée.

As you exit Le Petit Luain, you walk along a small road used mainly by locals. At the crossroads between this small road and the D25, the children must get down off the donkey. Cross the D25 carefully but quickly. You walk alongside the houses for some 50 metres before turning left to continue along the GR46.

The children can remount at this point.

The weeping willow which overhangs the path is tempting but should be nibbled at sparingly because of the aspirin it contains; our companions are slightly haemophiliac.


7th stage: Roman bridge

You go past our house towards the Roman bridge and the last cultural stop before you return to our leisure park. Here you travel back a few centuries in time. This bridge has not been altered since it was built. Only time has taken its toll and nature has reasserted itself.


Elves live near the water under the Roman bridge but only the donkeys can see them.

They come out in the early morning to drink the dew and in the evening to dance with the rays of the setting sun.

randonner sur le GR46 dans la forêt domaniale de Loches avec un âne en famille ou entre amis en Val de Loire
Beginners walk in the Loire Valley to the Pyramide de Saint Quentin, 6.5 km - Tracé Google Earth.